среда, 9 февраля 2011 г.


Hello!Last night I flew in from Thailand!My holidays were held in Pattaya.It was amazing!I want to tell you about every day.Let's begin!
We flew to Thailand for 7:30 hours.The flight was wonderful.We chose "Transaero" airline company.It's really great company.Staff is friendly,food is good!
It's really nice when people dress up from winter clothes to summer.
Airport in Bangkok very big and awesome.I even got lost there.
Then we sat to bus and went to Pattaya.To "Centara Grand Mirage Hotel".

So...we are in hotel.AMAZING hotel!The best place.Ever and forever.All the evening we walked around the site and enjoyed the night scenery.
Then we went to italian restaraunt.But food was bad.But cocktails were great!

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  1. ммм)Фантастические выходные!!!
    жаль что еда была плохой...

  2. на главное,что в остальные дни еда была вкусной)