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New interesting and unknown Designers

I have found interesting designer from Singapore.


The collection was to a great extent inspired by both eponymous Marquez’ novel and works of Salvador Dali, and represents results of experiments with materials, prints, textures and shapes. Classic silhouettes have been reinterpreted and mixed with innovative elements in various textures and colour combinations. Responding to objectives of Magic Realism the collection entertains unusual points of view, uncanny juxtapositions and common objects presented in new ways encouraging people's imagination further away.


SADAK's current collection, SS-2011 "I'm a good socialist" began with research about Socialism in Former-Yugoslavia during the 1960s, the ideas from which Sasa Kovacevic applied to the creation of his own fictional "micro-nation", named "Ex-Land". The constitution of "this brave new" nation is described entirely through it´s fashion. The fashion of "Ex-Land" is a combination of traditional costume patterns from rural Serbia, optical illusion prints created in the "Western Block" in the 1960s, and socialist symbols and statements used as propaganda after WWII. Although SADAK clothes can be worn unisex, "I'm a good socialist" features both a Men's and Women's line. For the Men's Line, Kovacevic emphasized "Nationalism" and "Militarism" using a color pallet of Blacks, Grays and Metallic Golds to design and create intricate knitwear and optical illusion printed jackets, pants, and bodysuits; with the Gold colors referring directly to the look and feel of Medallions worn by WWII Veterans. For the Women's Line, the beige trench coats reference the typical costumes worn by the members of Yugoslavia's "National Security" (who were actually Government-hired spies in the 1960s), while the "blue-collar color" symbolizes the working class citizens (especially the laboring women) of the Nation. "I'm a good socialist" began in 1960s Ex-Yugoslavia but has developed both thematically and aesthetically into the future. Influenced by Kovacevic's various cultural experiences, he is able to abstract and meld elements of past, present and future. "I'm a good socialist" illustrates SADAK's fascination with mysticism, fantasy and science fiction. The clothes are cinematic. The use of sharp metallic colors, transformable jackets, and geometrical shapes allude to the future while the use and eventual restructuring of traditional costume patterns alludes to the past. Although SADAK is concerned with both the past and the future, the clothes always return to the present through the natural poetry and shape of the body. There is movement in both the clothes themselves and the bodies that inhabit them. The various and ever-changing layers of the clothes lend themselves to both movement as well as sculpture. SADAK always offers elements of surprise and the idea of illusion is an overarching theme in "I'm a good socialist". Playing with ambiguity of pattern, shape, and aesthetic reference while maintaining roots in a specific historical, social, and traditional context defines the creative vision of SADAK. photos:Daniel Bolliger- Samo Models: www.izaio.de PAUL@IZAIO ISABELLA@IZAIO SAVANNA@IZAIO MARLENE@IZAIO HUINAN@IZAIO and Justin F.Kennedy,Ramon Tamot


Yesterday I was at my friend's Birthday. Firstly we celebrated at home and then went to the bars.It was nice,but really great celebration will be on 26th of January.We will go out of town and will celebrate two Birthdays.I should buy a present,but I don't know what to buy.

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Thierry Mugler

Thierry Mugler 

The first collection of Nicola Formichetti for Thierry Mugler.I'm in love with this video.Great remix of Lady Gaga for Thierry Mugker.It's her new song of "Born This Way" album.


Hello,my lovley bloggers!I just wanna say that I LOVE YOU!

vintage horror movie posters

I love vintage movies.Especially movies about zombiez and other evil spirits.And vintage horror movie posters are awesome.They are really interesting and awesome.Peeople in XX century knew how to make good posters.
I want to buy some posters.Or to draw!And I suggest you to watch some really cool movies:"Night of the living dead",Garden of the dead","Dead and buried","The dead next door","Braindead",SHAUN OF THE DEAD".

lookatme post

Check out my new post on lookatme.ru!

Тренды весна-лето 2011

Тренды весна-лето 2011

yuliahurts в потоке Мода 12 минут назад
Как выглядеть модно и стильно в этом году

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how i met ma birthday

Спраздновала в субботу День Рождения на отлично.Сначала посидели в "Шоколаднице",выпили кучу коктейлей,покурили кальян,обсудили всевозмоные темы до часу ночи,а затем пошли в FaceBar и там были до шести утра.

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Когда подруги спрашивали что я хочу в качестве подарка,я совершенно не знала что ответить.Но когда они подарили мне fisheye,я была так счастлива!ещё в 2009 году узнала о ломографии и хотелось себе fisheye либо fiana f+.Очень нравится ломо и хотелось ещё давно этим заняться.Но всё это позабылось и вот сейчас я займусь этим!
Да,когда-то очень хотелось очень хороший фотоаппарат,но на это у меня нет денег,да и профессионально этим явно заниматься не буду.А вот ломография-это да!
Вот моя прелесть
В плёнке я делитант.И снимала на плёнку только на Zenit.Так что мне надо будет ещё освоить технику fisheye.Если что,вот какие фотография получаются на эту аппаратуру: